Step 15. Your Credit Report from Equifax Small Business

Check with Equifax Small Business to make sure you have a business listing. You’ll have to conduct a search and review the results, which requires that you order a report online from this agency.

Using Equifax Small Business Reports

Most of the banks in the United States report data, including business loans and credit card information, to Equifax Small Business. Opening your accounts with various business credit cards in the system will help jumpstart your credit report and score with Equifax Small Business.

Purchase an Equifax Small Business Credit Report

At this stage of your business credit building, you’ll have the chance to order your report from Equifax Small Business. However, there is a chance that your business is not yet listed. It usually takes more time to build an Equifax report, so it’s vital that you choose credit providers and lenders that report specifically to this agency. If you already have your business listed with Equifax, you will need to order your full report, allowing you to review the information and make sure everything is accurate.

  • To Do 1 – Search Equifax for Your Business Listing

    You can now search Equifax and make sure you have a listing already in place. This Equifax Small Business Credit Report requires you to conduct a search on their website. To do this, click the “Company Search” link and fill out your company information in the “Find a Company” section. When your business appears, purchase a one-time Business Credit Report. If you would prefer continual access, you can select a monitoring service that comes with a monthly fee.

    If you search for your business and find “No results found,” conduct an advanced search by clicking the link and doing the process one more time. If your company does still not appear, it’s wise to acquire ongoing access to your file, which will be useful when building your credit scores.

    See a sample of Equifax Business Credit report.


  • To Do 2 – Get Your Credit Report from Equifax Small Business

    When you find your business is listed, you can now order your credit report from Equifax Small Business. Either order online or get a free copy the traditional way: by phone or mail

    Ordering the Report by Phone: To order your report by phone, simply call 1-800-727-8495 and request your free credit report copy. Remember, this will only be available when your company has done business with lenders or suppliers that report to Equifax Small Business within the previous two months. Lenders will not pull your company’s Equifax report without your expressed authorization, so you should always know if a lender or supplier has requested this information. Applying for the report entitles you to a copy, regardless of whether your business was approved or denied previous loans.

    Ordering by Mail: To get a free copy of your report from Equifax Small Business by mail, send a formal written request to the following address:

    P.O. Box 740249
    Atlanta, GA 30374-0249

    In the letter, say the following: “Please forward me a copy of the available commercial credit report for…” then add the exact legal name of your business as well as the address and EIN number. You should also include your business phone number and the owner name.
    If your business is less than a year old and has not applied for many credit sources, then it most likely does not have a current profile with Equifax. Even if your company is more than a year old but has not applied for credit, you may not find your business listing.

    1. If your company been denied credit due to a business credit report by Experian in the past 60 days you can request a complimentary copy of your business credit report from Experian. Submit your request to Experian in writing on your company’s letter head. To download the submission form – CLICK HERE

    2. Fill out the request form and email it here:

    3. If you see any inaccurate information on your Equifax Business Credit Report you can find out more on how to dispute it by clicking here.

To Do List To Complete In This Step

1. Verify Each Agency Has Business Listed the Same

2. Verify Business Listings Match

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