Step 17. Your Business Bank Account

You’ve now reached the point when you need to start looking at your credit agency listings. It’s vital that every agency and creditor has your listings the EXACT same way, ensuring identical and consistent reporting.

Credit Bureau Business Credit Report Information Must Be the same for all reports

Take the time to confirm that all agency listings, including creditors, suppliers, and vendors have your business information listed in the exact same way. Be very meticulous to ensure that spelling, addresses, contact information, and business names (including DBA’s) are all the same with each and every agency.

Let’s say you are listed as “Smith Repair,” with a creditor and “Smith Repair Services” with a supplier. This can create separate credit reporting, harming your chances of getting excellent loan terms. There can also be differences in address information that seem inconsequential but can create problems. For example, you could have one address listing with “Suite 450” and another with “Suite #450,” which will need to be changed. It must all be the same.

  • To Do 1 – Check that Every Agency Has the Same Business Listings

    It’s especially important that you verify consistent listings with the major agencies, including state, IRS, bank, and 411 national directories. Make sure each agency has your listing written down the exact same way in every case, with no differences, no matter how minor they may seem. Verify that every bill you receive has the right listing for your business name and address, as well as numbers and other contact information if needed.
    Be sure to verify and organize your business listings with the following agencies:

    Attention to detail is crucial at this point. Don’t wait, complete this step today!

    The IRS
    411 Directory

  • To Do 2 – Double-Check that All Business Listings Match EXACTLY

    Before you move to the next step, check that each agency has the business name listed correctly. It can’t be overstated that correct and consistent business name listings are essential to building your creditworthiness.

    – Have state business listings checked and corrected
    – County license must have the right name of business
    – City licenses must have correct name of business
    – The IRS should have the correct business name
    – Bank accounts should list the business name correctly
    – 411 directory should be correct as well

To Do List To Complete In This Step

1. VEnsure each and every agency has the business listing correct.

2. Make sure all business listings match, with no variations whatsoever.

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