Step 5. Business Address and Phone

You might not think about it in the digital age, but creating the business address and business phone is important, even today. Lenders like to see a physical address and will use this to gauge a company’s credit and viability.

Creating Your Business Address and Business Phone

A good credit score and ability to be approved for financing is all about the details. One of the details you may not have considered is the address of your business. Make sure you have the exact business legal name listed with the address, including all DBA filings that you plan to use. You don’t need a DBA, but if you use one or more, be ready for any potential issues that could come with it.


Using DBA’s for your LLC or corporation has its uses, but it can create complexities when filing for loans. This is because credit agencies may create a separate account for each name. For example, if your business name is Smith Repair, but you open a credit line as “Smith Repair, DBA Smith Enterprises,” you may have two accounts: one for Smith Repair, and another for Smith Enterprises.


The issue is that you now have credit accounts that are being reported separately. So activity on one only gets counted to that credit account, while activity on another goes to the second account; you want all activity to be reported on one single account to maximize your credit potential. When using a DBA, be extremely diligent to avoid creating duplicate credit lines. Everything must be opened at “Smith Repair, DBA Smith Enterprises,” to ensure consistent results. This should include office leases, utilities, credit accounts, and bank accounts.

  • To Do 1 – Create a Professional Business Address

    The business you create needs to be professional and organized. It should look like the address of a quality, established business. If needed, you can use it as a simple mailing address. Some lenders will not loan to businesses based out of the home, but you can use your home address if you have no other option. You can still build your credit scores, but your borrowing opportunities may be limited. Use the address verification tool from Experian to see if your address will work. If it says “residential or mail stop,” you will need to make changes. However, if it comes back as “business” or “unknown,” you should be able to use that address with no issues.

  • To Do 2 – Create a Physical Business Address

    A PO box is not a good address for establishing credit and building your credit scores. It’s highly recommended that you have a physical address, allowing you to establish a quality credit profile. Some lenders actually avoid businesses that use a reformatted address from locations that include UPS stores, Mail Boxes Etc, and Postal Annex. You don’t actually need a storefront or specific office, as you can run your business from various locations and have a qualifying business address.

    Address-Only: With an address-only, you can receive mail and packages at your dedicated business address.
    Also, you can check out this new way to handle mail for your business Click Here

    Virtual Office: This gives you a professional business address and dedicated contact points like phone numbers and fax numbers. You can also have receptionist services and use of fully-furnished offices and meeting rooms.
    Click here to get a virtual business address.

    A Real Office: This is your own private office with all the benefits, including receptionist services, phone, fax, the internet, furnishings, and rooms for meetings and other business needs. Davinci Virtual Offices is a great choice for obtaining an office and getting all necessary office supplies.

    If you have a store in a shopping center having nice colorful business signs not only will validate your physical presence but also attract new customers.

Give Your Business Proper Business Phone, Fax, and Directory Listings

For your business, you must have a phone listed with the 411 directory. Even if it’s virtual, be sure to give your business a fax number.

Fax, Phone, and 411 Listings

Throughout this section, we will work on many different points, including:

  1. – A dedicated phone number for your business
  2. – A fax number for your business
  3. – Submission of business phone number to the national 411 directory and other online directories
  4. – Verification that your phone number is properly listed in the right locations.

When it comes to lenders, vendors, and creditors, perception is vastly important. That’s why we recommend that every business has a business phone number that is listed in the 411 directory. Your business should also have a fax and, if appropriate, an “800” number, which makes your business look more established and professional. This will boost the perception of your business and its overall creditworthiness.

  • To Do 1 – The Phone Number for Your Business

    A dedicated phone number, listed with the 411 directory, is crucial for your business. Never use your home number or personal cell phone. Lenders of all varieties will check your number to make sure it is listed with the 411 directory. A toll-free number will further enhance the business’s trustworthiness.

    Enhance the Brand with an “800” Number
    As we have discussed, how lenders see your company is crucial. It’s extremely easy, fast, and affordable to create a “800” number for your business.

    Even small, single-owner companies that function out of the home can use “800” numbers. It shows that you are a real business and enhances your overall perception. You can even add features like on-hold music, call forwarding, and extension numbers.

    You can use , Grasshooper or create an “800” number.

    From financing with a lender to net credit terms with your various vendors, giving a cell or home phone number as the main contact point could make you look like an un-established, unprofessional business. NEVER use personal numbers for the business; stick to dedicated business phone numbers.

  • To Do 2 – Get A Business Fax Number

    You might think that faxing is outdated and unnecessary in today’s business environment. But you need a fax number when working with lenders, as it gives you a way to receive important documents and other information. can help set up a virtual fax.

    However, there are services that allow you to send and receive faxes through the internet. Use this link for more information. Also, you can use a virtual office solution that will give you a dedicated fax number.

  • To Do 3 – How to Submit Your Business Number to a 411 Directory

    You can have your business number listed by first calling the local phone carrier and requesting that your number be added to the 411 directories. Remember that you’ll need phone service with this organization in order to have the number listed.

    There is another option from This service is completely free and is highly effective when you need to be listed with 411 directories. Use this link and you’ll be able to submit your number for the business.
    After you have submitted your number, verify the listing with 411.

  • To Do 4 – Using Online Business Directories

    The internet is the best tool for businesses today, and you need to make sure your business is listed on the major online directories for businesses. There are many businesses directories that can help you get listed, and there are several sites that play a major role in the credit reporting for businesses all across the country. The internet is the best tool for businesses today, and you need to make sure your business is listed on the major online directories for businesses. There are many businesses directories that can help you get listed, and there are several sites that play a major role in the credit reporting for businesses all across the country. Some directories are essentially the equivalent of a phone book, only they are placed online. Getting listed helps customers find you and shows lenders that you are a serious business. There are many online directories that you should use accordingly to your type of business:


    50 Online Local Business Directories/Listings for Local Marketing

    1. Google
    2. Bing
    3. Yahoo!
    4. Yelp
    5. Facebook
    6. Better Business Bureau
    7. Angie’s List
    8. Merchant Circle
    9. LinkedIn
    11. Whitepages
    13. Yellowbook
    14. CitySearch
    15. MapQuest/Yext
    17. Foursquare
    18. CitySlick
    20. Dex Media
    22. TeleAtlas
    23. Discover Our Town
    24. EZ Local
    25. Kudzu
    26. CityVoter
    27. Manta
    28. UsCity
    29. Advice Local
    30. InfoUSA
    31. Infignos
    32. Get Fave
    33. My Huckleberry
    34. Yellowee
    35. MojoPages
    36. Brownbook
    37. Magic Yellow
    38. CitySquares
    39. Map Creator
    40. Judy’s Book 
    41. TripAdvisor
    42. Thumbtack
    44. Home Advisor
    45. ShowMeLocal
    47. Yellowbot
    48. Hotfrog
    49. Brownbook
    50. InsiderPages


    Making sure that you are listed in as many places as possible. In addition to lenders, your potential customers might find you faster. Don’t wait to start adding your business to these directories today!


To Do List To Complete In This Step

1. Setup your business address and list it in the directories.

2. Get a business phone and business fax.

3. Add your business listing to as many as possible online business directories.

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