Step 6. Business Licenses & Permits

To maintain the validity of your business and function legally, it may be necessary to apply for various business licenses and permits. Check with your county records office. These documents may also be necessary when applying for credit or financing.

You Should Get Your Business Licenses & Permits

Check with your accountant for the type of licenses and permits, if any, your business might need. Your county recorders office should also be able to provide this information. It’s important to be sure you have all the necessary licenses & permits to operate your business. Otherwise, you can be subject to penalties and legal issues.

  • To Do  1 – Check What Licenses And Permits Are Required For Your Business

    Steps For Obtaining Business Licenses & Permits

    1. Check the SBA Federal Licensing website

    2. Check your state’s website, which is usually on their state Department of Revenue site

    3. Check your county’s website

  • To Do 2 – Get all the Required Business Licenses

    It is very common for new businesses to have addresses that do not match the business address on your license. However, it is much worse to not have the required licenses at all, which would mean that your business is operating illegally. In this case, you need to contact state, county, and local governments to see which licenses are required for your type of business. You can call them or email them, but make sure you get licenses as soon as possible. Not having licenses will eliminate your business from loan potential.

To Do List To Complete In This Step

1. Check for required business licenses and permit types for your business.

2. Obtaining Your Business Licenses & Permits

Business Licenses
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