Step 7. Your Professional Business Website and Email Address

Websites have become an integral part of any business. Even if your business doesn’t do commerce online, having a website lends additional credibility to your business. Lenders will also check your website when considering you for a loan.. In the current business climate, you must have a professional-level website that lists your contact information, including an email address. Just like consumers, lenders expect to see this from any high-quality company.

Create a Professional Business Website with Your Email Address

Credit providers, just like your customers, search for company information online. It’s best if they can learn directly from your site.

Credit providers, just like your customers, search for company information online. It’s best if they can learn directly from your site.

Unfortunately, many business owners fail to realize that not having a site, as well as an email address, is hurting their credit potential. They are reducing their chances of not having multiple trade lines from a wide variety of different lenders. However, there are many online sources providing affordable business websites that look great and deliver fantastic results. These sites at least give you an online presence that shows your products, services, and contact information. You can have more than a simple template website and also create a new business credit reporting source at the same time.

  • To Do  1 – Setting Up Your Business Website

    One of the first things you should to is to conduct a domain-name search with GoDaddy. Use their site to check for available domains, including potential domains that you can use for the site. If the domain you want is taken, try variations until you find something that works perfectly. Once you find an available URL, purchase it as quickly as possible. Credit providers and lenders will want to see that you have a high-quality website that reflects your professionalism and trustworthiness. From custom-built sites to upgrades for an existing site, it’s important that the site has your email address and other contact information. Use GoDaddy to learn more about website options for your business. You can also consider Wix – Templated Website Builder. Wix makes building your website easy and free! They have hundreds of templates to choose from.

  • To Do 2 – Set Up Professional Email Address

    You need to have an email address for your business that is both professional and enhances the chances of getting approval from a lender. The email address should reflect your company name and can include wording like “sales@…” or “service@…” An example could be “”

    Business email for your domain (Gmail has this new service, great for getting a domain based emails setup in Gmail).
    Get a custom email ( Compatible with Microsoft Outlook and other email clients

    While they can be popular for personal addresses, avoid using free email accounts like Gmail or Yahoo. Lenders like to see professional-level email addresses, and setting up a business-level email is simple when you create your domain name.


  • To Do 3 – Promote Your Website

    Consider using worlds most popular marketplaces for entrepreneurs to hire affordable freelancers to build your website, design your logo, create your content and manage your social media channels while you focus on growth & management of your business

    Once you have a great looking, professionally designed website, it’s important that you have the right content on it. Besides any product or service listings, describe what your company is about. When lenders come looking, they’ll be able to read all about your business. Also, make sure your site functions without errors and provides for a great experience.

Use helpful resources to create a website, find social media manager and promote your site

Template Website Builder
Wix makes building your website easy and free! They have hundreds of templates to choose from which is easy to use and guides you every step of the way.

You can try easy drag and drop website builder and templated website builder sites Wix. With easy-to-use drag and drop template based website builder tools, you’ll be able to create the website easily.

Create an online store with Shopify
A Full Suite Of Commerce Services – Shopify offers a one-stop set of commerce services for merchants. Whether you are selling online, in-store (POS) or on Facebook or Pinterest, Shopify allows you to sell anywhere. Also, check out Shopify’s awesome app store.

Find Affordable Freelancers
You can search for freelance web designers on sites such as or Explore world’s largest freelance services marketplace to find a right and affordable freelancer to help you create a good website at an affordable cost.

How readable is your text and website content? Measure your readability scores including Flesch-Kincaid, Gunning Fogits important to measure and fix your readability score.

To check your websites Readability Score Click Here

Find the best domain for your business and build a nice website in under an hour. Godaddy can help your small businesses go big

Liquid Web
Most Reliability and Secure Web Hosting Company. It is reliability, security, and uptime some of your biggest concerns when it comes to website hosting? Liquid Web has a 100% power and network uptime guarantee.

Protect Your Website Content
A DMCA Badge is a seal of protection placed on your website that deters thieves from stealing your content. 

Click here to get a DMCA website content protection badge FREE.

To Do List To Complete In This Step

1. Create a business website with GoDaddy or another provider.

2. Create a professional email address with your URL, not a free service like Gmail or Yahoo.

3. Check your website’s readability score.

Business Website
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