Great Option For Real Investors Who Don’t Want To Give Up Equity

If you don’t want to give up equity in your business but still need investor funding, the Bolstr lending marketplace can help. It’s accredited investors offer flexible loans that range from $25,000 to $500,000. Bolstr has a friendly and fast approval process that pairs businesses up with investors. Investors don’t take equity stakes in your business. Instead, they charge a rate of 1% – 6% based on your monthly gross revenues until the loan is paid off. Additionally, there is a 10%-30% return on capital. Rather than using your personal credit score when determining a loan rate, you can get the best rates if your business is in good financial health.

Additional Details

10% – 30% APR

Repayment Duration
1-3 years

Funding Amount
$25,000 – $500,000

Funding Speed
2-4 weeks

Recommended Requirements to Know

Annual Revenue
Above $200,000

Personal Credit Score
Minimum 600

Months In Business
minimum of 12 months


Ability to raise capital without giving up part of your company while also building an investor network.


APR is higher than that of traditional bank loans. Time consuming and requires effort to create a winning pitch.

Main Point:

Good for established businesses who can’t qualify for bank loans but can develop a pitch attractive to investors.

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