Credibly – Discovering the Best Intermediate Term Loans Through Data
Credibly is a fintech that has been helping companies secure financing and working capital through the use of data science and technology. Their focus is on customer experience and they do this by becoming a trusted partner to small and medium sized businesses.

Additional Details

9.99% – 36% APR

Repayment Terms
18 – 24 months, with daily debits from your business’ bank account

Funding Amount
$10,000 – $250,000

Origination Fee

Funding Speed
As quickly as 3 business days

Online and phone call

Recommended Requirements to Know

Annual Revenue
$200,000 and above

Personal Credit Score
625 or higher

Available In Your State
Please check with Lender

Profitability Ratio
Please check your profitability ration with the lender

Months In Business
Minimum of 24 months

Personal Bankruptcy
No open bankruptcy on your personal credit report


Pre-qualification without any hit to your credit report. Fixed payments.


Requires a $10,000 a month deposit balance. This can be difficult if you have unstable cash flows.

Main Point:

Credibly’s pre-qualification means you can have all the needed details to compare them with other alternative lending options.

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