Fundbox – Line of Credit That Doesn’t Check Your Personal Credit Score

Fundbox makes it easy for your business to establish a new line of credit. They don’t do personal credit checks or require any paperwork to open a new line. Get a line up to $100,000 with no startup cost. Fees are charged weekly and only on the amount outstanding. With over $500,000 businesses served, they are a trusted source of business funding.

Additional Details

15.1% – 53.7% APR

Repayment Terms
Weekly for up to 12 weeks

Funding Amount
$100 – $100,000

Funding Speed
As fast as 1 business day

Recommended Requirements to Know

Annual Revenue
$25,000 and above

Months In Business
Minimum of 6 months


Personal credit isn’t used in application process. Evaluation is done through an automated system that analyzes your bank account. The entire process is fast and once approved, you don’t have to wait to be funded.


Requires at least $500 in your checking account. Because of short repayment terms, weekly payments, which are 0.5% to 0.7% of the outstanding balance, can be large

Main Point:

If your personal credit isn’t the best, it won’t be a factor since your FICO isn’t checked during the application process.

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