With a 94% rate of success and 0% interest, Kiva is hard to beat as a funding source. They’re able to accomplish such a feat because they’re a non-profit. Kiva uses a crowd funding approach that is specifically setup to help entrepreneurs get funding. They’re platform has over one million people, who can ultimately translate until brand ambassadors for your business. Try Kiva today at

Additional Details

0% APR

Repayment Terms
Up to 36 Months

Funding Amount
Up to $10,000

Funding Speed
Around 45 Days

Recommended Requirements to Know

Personal Credit Score
At least 600

Months In Business
Minimum 3 months

Personal Bankruptcy
No open bankruptcy on your personal credit report.


Get your business funded at 0% while gaining exposure to the right audience.


$10,000 maximum funding limit.

Main Point:

With the right type of marketing on Kiva’s platform, you have a great chance of acquiring funds for your start or improving your existing business.

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