Grow Your Intermediate-Term Loan Approval Amounts With LiftForward

LiftForward is focused on getting the right loan for each small business. They differentiate themselves by increasing the loan size as a business grows. These has built them many loyal customers over time. Customers how start with a $50,000 are now getting approval for $1,000,000 loans. Their loans provide working capital for purchase orders and assets. LiftForward will also refinance an MCA loan into a monthly loan.

Additional Details

6% – 35% APR

Repayment Terms
Up to 18 months with monthly, weekly or daily payments.

Funding Amount
$5,000 – $1,000,000

Origination Fee
1% – 5%

Funding Speed
As fast as 2 business days


Recommended Requirements to Know

Personal Credit Score
675 or higher

Annual Revenue
$250,000 and above

Profitability Ratio
May apply

Months In Business
Minimum 24 months

Personal Bankruptcy
No open bankruptcy on your personal credit report.


Fast funding with availability within only 48 hours of applying.


Requires annual revenue of $1,000,000


Main Point:

If you can qualify with LiftForward, you are likely to qualify with another lender on better terms. But if you are in need of funds now, LiftForward is a good option

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